Ep 61: Idriz Zogaj

December 14, 2015

Idriz Zogaj is a memory athlete and brain personal trainer. Who was Sweden’s best memory for 5 consecutive years and has recently captained the Swedish national team to a Memory World Championship Gold medal in 2014. He was the first Swedish person to memorise more than 1,000 binary numbers (ones and zeroes) in 30 minutes. Was the first Swede to memorise an entire deck of cards in 5 minutes, then the first to do it in 4 minutes and then first to do so in just 3 minutes. He is the founder and chairman of the Swedish Memory Association and has trained anyone from 3 years olds upto to 93 year olds, top executives to world-class and elite athletes, so when it comes to memory we’d struggle to find a better source to talk to.


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Zogaj Memo Gym


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