Ep 51: Joel Fotinos

September 18, 2015

Joel is vice-president at Penguin Group (USA), and is the publisher of Tarcher. He has written or co-written multiple titles, including The Prayer Chest, Multiply your Blessings, A little daily Wisdom, The Think & Grow and Rich Starter Kit and My Life Contract and his works have been published in 14 languages. He’s been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, and was given Science of Mind magazine’s first “Spiritual Hero of the Year” award. He travels all over the US giving talks and workshops on spirituality and inspiration and consults with businesses and individuals to help them create success, Fulfillment and purpose.


In This Episode:

  • Joel is are an extremely successful corporate businessman and he is also a minister. I ask him how he feels his spiritual ideals compliment his business career and visa versa?
  • He used to have huge personal debt which crippled him financially, emotionally, and spiritually leaving him depressed and feeling in complete despair. I ask him how he managed to turn things around?
  • “When something shows up in your life, instead of just trying to get rid of it, ask it a very simple question: Why are you here?”
  • Joel shares an inspiring story about a lady who had breast cancer.
  • ‘Energy follows action’ Joel describes why this is such a powerful formula for life.
  • After having read literally thousands of self-help books, attended hundreds of motivational workshops and lectures and been in every kind of self-improvement organisation, including the 12-Steps, Weight Watchers, and countless others Joel realized there’s a formula behind all of these – a simple “map” that explains how Life works. He explains what this formula is!
  • Joel was previously asked how he manages to fit everything in being a; corporate executive, author, active minister, traveling speaker and spending time with his family. He describes how he doesn’t view these as separate things, but all aspects of the same thing!
  • What does a fulfilled life mean to Joel?
  • What is 1 thing our listeners can do today that will have a massive positive effect on their lives?
  • Which books or resources have changed/had a big impact on your life?


People Mentioned:


Books Mentioned:

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller – Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century by Napoleon Hill


Connect with Joel:
Joel’s website


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