Ep 29: Thomas Bahler (Part 1) What Do You Want? Thinking For Yourself and Anything is Possible

June 2, 2015

Thomas Bahler is a truly incredible musician who has worked with the likes of; Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder. He is also an author, speaker and mentor. One of his many gifts is his ability to help the frustrated masses discover what makes their heart sing and inspire them to bring it to fruition so they can reach their highest potential and live a fulfilling life.

This is part 1 of a 2 part chat. He talked about so many amazing things that I thought it would be a shame to cut it short! Part 2 will be posted on Friday! Enjoy!


In This Episode:

  • We learn so many incredible things and lessons during tough times in our lives.
  • A description of his grandma and some of the things she learnt as a result of having to deal with a tragedy.
  • Thomas describes the amazing power of asking yourself the question: ‘What do I want?’
  • Having the belief instilled in him from a young age that truly ‘anything is possible’ and how that shaped his outlook and approach to life.
  • Thomas talks about his father and how would never tell him what to do, he simply asked questions and gave suggestions.
  • Being raised in an environment where he was always encouraged to think for himself, “I felt that I was OK”
  • What Thomas did when his whole world fell apart and he felt like his passion and whole identity was taken from him.
  • Why Aesop and his fables have had such a profound influence on his life.
  • “I have yet to forget anything I’ve discovered…I have easily forgotten half of what I’ve learnt”
  • “Whatever comes to us, needs us, wants us, and has picked us”
  • An amazing story about achieving anything, that stemmed again simply from asking himself the question: ‘What do I want?’
  • Thomas describes how at school he wasn’t interested in learning facts, what he wanted to learn was the reasons and the ‘WHY’ behind the facts.
  • A wonderful story about the first time he met Elvis Presley, and a description of the type of man that he was.
  • A story about Steven Spielberg that clearly illustrates the huge importance of always keeping an open mind.
  • “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t….you’re right” Henry Ford


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Books Mentioned:

What You Want Wants You by Thomas Bahler

Anything Is Possible – A Tale oa Aesop (Illustrated) by Thomas Bahler


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Thomas’ website

Thomas on Twitter, Facebook


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