Ep 22: Atuksha Poonwassie on The Importance of Fun, Mindset and Open Minded People

April 17, 2015

There are two main reasons why I wanted to bring Atuksha on the show today; firstly I think she’s hugely inspiring and has a really great outlook and approach to life and secondly I think she’s an amazing example of what can be achieved by someone when they commit themselves, and take action. I met Atuksha just over 2 years ago, when she was busy working away, trying to earn a living. However in the last 24 months she has achieved so much it’s crazy. She has created an App, is the the founder of a Peer 2 Peer crowd funding platform, she has written a book, bought 7 properties, spent time in Africa, flown planes and that’s just off the top of my head, there’s certainly a lot more I’m forgetting.


In This Episode:

  • The importance of having fun and truly enjoying what you do
  • Living and being in the moment. When you are doing something, whatever it may be then really be engaged in the activity and do it to the best of your ability.
  • Now with technology everywhere and emails on our phones it’s hard for people to switch off.
  • It’s important not to get sucked into it and feel like you need to reply to emails immediately, it’s ok to wait a few hours.
  • The importance of developing and having the right mindset.
  • “We grew up with the belief that whatever you put your mind to and whatever you want, if you truly want it, you’ll find a way to get it”
  • Why Atuksha makes a point of spending half an hour every day listening to books.
  • Why it is so critical to surround yourself with people who are positive and open minded.
  • Does Atuksha have one crystal clear ‘Why’ or motivation or has it constantly evolved and changed over time?
  • What does a fulfilled life mean to Atuksha?
  • What is 1 thing our listeners can do today that will have a massive positive effect on their lives?
  • Which books or resources have changed/had a big impact on your life?


Books Mentioned:

Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Tim Ferriss​

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership by Richard Branson


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