Ep 05: Soner Ozenc on Creativity, 3D Printing and Making as a Source of Fulfilment

February 10, 2015

Soner Ozenc is an inventor, artist, and entrepreneur. He has an award winning design studio and his companies and products have received huge media coverage appearing on BBC, Elle Decor, ID Magazine, Art Review, T3 Magazine, The Evening Standard, and The Independent. He’s been invited to speak on stage at a TED Talk and his latest venture Maker’s Cafe is the UK’s first 3D printing cafe.


In This Episode:

  • What was his turning point? How did he discover his passion?
  • Being curious by nature
  • His reasons for living and working in London
  • Brief synopsis of Maker’s Cafe
  • What is it about making and creating that makes him happy?
  • What does the ‘Theatre of Manufacturing’ mean?
  • Using technology to turn a concept/idea into reality
  • What is his driving force?
  • What is more important? The creative process itself or the finished product?
  • What Soner’s creative process looks like
  • What inspires him the most?
  • How far can 3D printing be taken?
  • 3D printing organs
  • What does a fulfilled life mean to Soner?
  • One piece of advice Soner would give to all listeners
  • What book does he recommend


Books Mentioned:

Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything


Connect with Soner:

Soner Ozenc Website

Maker’s Cafe Website, Twitter

RazorLAB Website, Twitter


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