Ep 02: Stuart Ralph on Failing At School, Personal Development and 30 Day Challenges

January 30, 2015

Stuart Ralph is a best selling author (Challenge Yourself, I Dare You: A Better You In 30 Days!), Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Personal Performance Coach.


In This Episode:

  • Introduction of Stuart Ralph
  • Why he describes himself as a ‘Human’ – Who We Really Are
  • About The Book ‘Challenge Yourself, I Dare You: A Better You In 30 Days!’
  • The difference between IQ and EQ
  • To be passionate and interested in something
  • How Fiona Howard’s book inspired him
  • The beginning of a new life
  • How to discipline yourself and give up your vices
  • How to use the book
  • We are weak as humans
  • What is a 30 Day Challenge
  • The benefits of doing a 30 Day Challenge
  • How to increase discipline
  • Philosophy on personal development
  • Human connection as one of the greatest things we can have as a human being
  • Enjoying every moment in life
  • Tips and advice on how not to quit on during your challenge
  • What is RAS?
  • Stuart’s standout influencers and mentors


Links Mentioned:

Eric Thomas ‘Secrets To Success’ video

Simon Sinek ‘Start With Why’ TED talk


Books Mentioned:

Challenge Yourself, I Dare You: A Better You In 30 Days! by Stuart Ralph

Be Your Own Life Coach by Fiona Harrold

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


People Mentioned:

Fiona Harrold

Victor Frankl

Eric Thomas

Paulo Coelho

Peter Hassett

Simon Sinek


Connect with Stuart:

Stuart’s Website

Stuart’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


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