Ep 01: Suraj Sodha on Quitting Your Job, Following Your Passion and Making Money Online

January 27, 2015

Suraj Sodha is an ex-lawyer turned serial entrepreneur and traveller of the world. He has an international client base and has been invited to speak at conferences and seminars all around the world to over 10,000+ people. He has a Guinness World Record, skydived, walked on fire, raised thousands for charities and travelled over 150,000 miles around the globe. One of his great passions is teachings others how to replace their job income and live their dream lifestyle.


In This Episode:

  •  Why he left a well paid secure job as a Corporate Lawyer
  •  Finding something you’re passionate about
  •  Why it’s not always a good idea to turn your hobby/passion into a business
  •  The joy of freedom and choice
  •  How to turn what you love into an online business
  •  Keep moving despite struggles and road blocks along the way
  •  Why we should ‘Fail Our Way to Success’


Links Mentioned:

Wealth Dynamics (The world’s leading entrepreneur personality test, taken by over 250,000 entrepreneurs)

Suraj on Twitter

Suraj Official Website


Books Mentioned:

Go For No!

The Go-Giver


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