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Spirit Pig is much more than a podcast, it’s more than a blog.

Spirit Pig is a mission, an all round, totally encompassing expedition to ‘get life right’.

Imagine a world where each one of us 7 billion inhabitants has the opportunity to live a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life?

Imagine learning from the world’s top inspirational leaders in their field?

I’m here (supported by an army of world-class experts) to help us achieve greater happiness in our lives.

The main emphasis of Spirit Pig is the podcast, hosted by me, Duncan CJ

This features free, uncensored, raw interviews with the greatest living minds alive. Leaders sharing advice on on a vast array of topics that will inspire, stimulate and motivate.





I’m Duncan. I believe that I am responsible for my life and how I perceive and experience each day. Whether I like what I see or I hate my reality, the only person who has the power to change this, is me. This idea of personal responsibility is a terrifying idea that can appear overwhelming, however I also believe it is one of the most empowering things to realise: It means that we have control, anything that we don’t like or that no longer serves us, we can change.

I have experienced both extremes of total ecstasy, happiness and joy as well as feeling depressed, down and lonely so I want to learn what I can do to live a truly satisfied life.

Every single person sees and interprets the world differently. 7 billion human beings = 7 billion worlds, this creates a natural diversity; different people, concepts, teachings and ideas will resonate with each of us in different ways.

Spirit Pig gives you exposure (in one place) to a huge variety of thought leaders and their experiences of living, their wisdom and their research. Free, unrestricted access (made available to the world).
I want to make the world a happier place, where people living totally fulfilled lives is the default mode and the ‘norm’ rather than the exception.

Our Mission: 7 Billion Fulfilled People!

Be guinea pigs and approach the ideas discussed on this site with an open mind, try out the things you like, reject the ones you don’t and explore the ones you’re unsure of.

It’s awesome to see you here!

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Spirit Pig