Ep 34: Dr. Joe Gallenberger on Psychokinesis, Creating Luck and Striking Jackpot in Vegas

June 19, 2015

Dr. Joe Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist, with over 30 years experience as a therapist, and has a great interest in the universal principles of manifestation. He is fascinated in human potential and is the author of several books including Liquid Luck, The Good Fortune Handbook and Inner Vegas which takes readers on a wild ride into the world of Psycho Kinesis (PK). Joe is a senior facilitator at The Monroe Institute and is a highly sort after international speaker on topics such as out-of-body experiences, accelerated and remote healing, manifestation and meditation.


In This Episode:

What is psychokinesis? (PK)

Over 20 years worth of data and scientific evidence proving that it is possible to influence matter through non-physical means (such as psychic ability being used to bend spoons, grow seeds, influence dice, illuminate light bulbs etc.)

97% of scientists agree that there is indeed something to the data. However the politics of a small but very loud minority stop this information being more widely accepted.

The findings of a Princeton research laboratory study describe how PK could be “possible within a quantum physics model, if you look at just Newtonian physics it doesn’t look possible but if you move into quantum theory they can see how this might happen and in fact some people say quantum theory dictates it will happen…that it needs to be true”

Joe describes how rather than spend all of his time studying this data in a laboratory which is tedious and expensive, he has run over 70 workshops in Vegas casinos and they practice PK live in the field, influencing slot machines and the rolling of dice.

Rather than having to be very special, unique or talented to be able to do PK, he thinks “this is a very normal ability that most people have, it’s just been suppressed or unlearnt or discouraged so in fact kids are better at the metal bending that adults usually”

Joe explains the best conditions and state to be in to successfully do PK.

One of the things that is so powerful about pyschokinesis (PK) is that you can get immediate feedback in just a few minutes (either the spoon bends or it doesn’t) so this immediate feedback allows you to make the necessary changes and it builds confidence in your ability. When In life, often the feedback is less clear and slower which makes learning more difficult.

“Fear is truly a prayer for what you do not want”

A fascinating description of how to attract anything that we want into our lives simply by managing our levels of fear.

An amazing story of Joe visualising he was was underneath an abundance waterfall, surrounded by all amazing things in his life, friends, family, his pets, health, the beauty of nature all flowing around him like a waterfall. Then in this state of abundance he pressed the slot machine and on his first pull he won Royal flush, the probability of which is 160,000 to 1.

A really interesting study of a group of nuns over a 60 year period that illustrates the connection between happiness and life longevity.

What is The Monroe Institute? And a description of the kind of technologies that have been developed there.

From all of the stories and case studies Joe has witnessed in other people he describes two of his all time favourites.

What does a fulfilled life mean to Joe?

What is 1 thing all our listeners can do today that will have a massive positive effect on their lives?

Which books or resources have changed/had a big impact on your life?


People Mentioned:

Bob Monroe


Links Mentioned:

The Monroe Insitute


Books Mentioned:

Science and Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics by Chris Carter

The Seth books by Jane Roberts


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