Ep 04: Nick Birkett on Altruism, Meditation and the Importance of Emotional Intelligence

February 6, 2015

Nick is the co-owner of the London based Mexican restaurant group Poncho 8. Since launching with one shop in 2009 Poncho 8 has grown and grown at an amazing speed earning the title  ‘Best Burrito in London’ by the Evening Standard. Nick has been featured in numerous media publications and was recently invited to share the stage with Sir Richard Branson to talk about Entrepreneurship


In This Episode:

  • Nick Birkett introduction
  • How Poncho 8 started?
  • What made him leave the corporate world?
  • His views on altruism and the benefits of having a helping attitude
  • The motivation and driving force behind everything he does?
  • Nick’s love for Apple products
  • Why less is more
  • The reason why he meditates?
  • The benefits of a morning routine
  • What is emotional intelligence and why is it so important?
  • Having an “everything will be alright in the end” mentality
  • What does a fulfilled life mean to him?
  • One thing all listener’s can do today that will have a massive positive effect on their lives.


Links Mentioned:

Poncho 8

Nick On Virgin Startup


People Mentioned:

Sir Richard Branson


Connect with Nick:

Nick’s Website


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